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Clay Heaven

Clay Heaven is a small pottery studio with a few dedicated potters working together to produce high quality handmade earthenware kitchen utensils ,water jugs, home deco objects, baby prints and clay jewelry.

Pottery workshops are also offered for children and adults.

One of our  main objective is to provide healthy cookware for healthy cooking. Earthen cookware is a healthy  ecofriendly alternative to metal cookware. Each piece is unique as they are all individually hand made.

Another one of our objective is to take advantage of the benefits of working with clay in a pleasant environment. Some benefits are : creating unique personalized objects , help developing sensory and motor skills . Manipulating clay also have therapeutic and relaxing effect.

Our main products

Earthenware tagines

Earthenware clay pots

Earthenware water jugs

Other Products:

Christmas deco

Home deco objects

Decorative plates

Clay jewellery

Clay Baby prints

We’re always happy to talk about how to chose the most suitable clay product for your enjoyment

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Clay Heaven

Samira Lallmahomed

Royal Road Phoenix.

Tel 57280177


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