There is no healthy cooking without healthy cookware.  Cooking in clay cookware is 100% healthy, non toxic and eco friendly.

Clay pots are multi-functional they can be used for roasting ,baking, tagines, for  rice and grains cooking, soup and  yogurt making and much more .They can be used  on stove-top gas/electric, oven and barbecue using medium to low heat.

As low heat is used when cooking in  clay pots, food is cooked slowly and  there is no need to ‘check’, ‘stir’, ‘mix’ too often.  With most recipes you’re coming back to turn the stove off.    

Clay pot locks steam and retains all the water soluble nutrients. Once the pot is closed, very little steam escapes. As the lid  stays cooler than the pot, steam condenses and is sent  back into the food therefore retaining water-soluble nutrients and reducing the need to add more water, salt ,other liquids and fats.  With the locking in of steam and vapor, the food gets cooked in its own oils and liquids, thus reducing the need to add more oil and / or water.

Clay pot is a great retainer of heat. The heat retained in a clay pot is significantly greater than in any other cookware. This allows the food to cook better and also helps food stay hot longer and  reduce reheating.

Metal utensils  in the presence of heat react with the nutrients present in the form of oxygen, hydrogen, halogens, acids and bases  and get assimilated in the body.  The accumulation of such metal ions in the organs, tissues etc. are the foundation of many illness and a weakened immune system. In clay cooking pots no water soluble nutrients are lost and there’s no interaction with metals or chemicals.

Cooking in earthenware cookware.

Earthen cookware benefits

Earthenware  provide healthy cookware for healthy cooking,  an ecofriendly alternative to metal cookware. Cooking with clay cookware dates back to the oldest civilisations. Japanese and Chinese in the East around 14,000 BC and then spread west from east Asia reaching Mesopotamia and Eastern Mediterranean.

Earthenware provide healthy and tasty food for you and your family, as in this type of cooking utensils, all the natural and genuine flavours of the ingredients are tastefully released producing an aromatic and tender dish. Earthenware reveals the “gout de terroir” which means “taste of the earth”.

Earthenwares lock steam: therefore retains all water soluble nutrients and food items get cooked in their own oils and liquids, thus reducing the need to add extra oil and water. They are good heat retainer allowing food to cook better. Food stay hot longer.

By being an inert material by nature, earthenware do not react to food. Metal cookware reacts to food during the cooking process and metallic ions tend to leach into the food. These metal ions accumulate in the body and can affect basic metabolic functions and cause various diseases.

By using our products where each  piece is unique as they are all individually hand made., you ensure a long happy and tasty life for you and your loved ones



  • Creating unique and personalized objects, encourage creativity , help expressing feelings  using art, increase confidence and  self esteem.
  • Sensory development by experiencing the texture and feel of clay.
  • Develop fine and major motor skills , manipulating clay involves the development of the muscles in the hands and fingers.
  • Therapeutic and relaxing effect when manipulating and seeing how clay responds.
  • Encourage trial and error, clay being malleable it allows to learn and make mistakes and correct them, thus leading to  self  improvement.
  • Improves hand and eye coordination skills.